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A Look Back at the 6th FLOW: SurfYogaSamba Retreat

December 7, 2011

The 2nd Anniversary 'FLOWers'


Celebrating their 2nd year in existence, the FLOW Surf Yoga Samba team brought the 6th weekend retreat last Nov. 18-20, 2012 to San Juan Surf Resort, La Union. Together with over 20 participants from around the globe (Philippines, Columbia, Taiwan, USA, Spain, France and Czech Republic), it was definitely another epic weekend uniting different races and ages from all walks of life in one of the most famous surf spots in our country.

It is known among the surf community that November is the perfect ‘surf season’ and the weather cooperated like the gods listened to our prayers. (*Note that one of the organizers did offer eggs at Sta. Clara church in Marikina a week prior to the event) The sunny coast of La Union offered a great escape for all the urban dwellers who need fresh air to breathe, sand to dip their toes, salt water to purify their bodies and the tropical sun to shine down on them.

Everyone was excited to get on the board, learning how to paddle and of course, surfing the waves. The constant baby waves were ideal for a beginners and many first-timers were able to get up on their boards feeling that ultimate stoke surfers brag about, ‘oneness with the ocean’.

The FLOW-ers had the choice of going Veg for the 3-day weekend retreat. Lola Nany’s, (the caterer who also happens to be the mother of pro-surfer, Luke Landrigan) offered vegetarian meals included in the package. For those who couldn’t go Veg, there was an option to eat seafood and chicken meals with some green salads on the side.

In every event, the organizers of FLOW try to incorporate something new and extraordinary that gives them the edge on the packaged retreats that is becoming a popular alternative to your usual weekends. Aside from the usual Surf-Yoga-Samba classes included in the package, they offered a refreshing Green Smoothie & Raw Vegan snack workshop conducted by Raw Vegan Food advocate and Waldorf Mom, Imee Contreras. Another unique activity was the 1st Yoga Rave class in the Philippines. Two Vinyasa yoga sessions infused with live chill-out and dance music by DJ Martin Lugtu gave everyone a different experience.

Headwares were given to each participant to use in all the activities offered. Surfers are out under the sun all day, so the Headware was used to protect their heads from the harshness of the sun. The yogis wore it during practice to keep their hair away from their faces for less distraction. The Samba crew found it cool too to be able to use the Headware in several ways for different occasions.

The whole group went home with goodies from all the other sponsors. The totebag from Saynotoplastic includes Belo Essentials sun protection for face and body, Para’Kito wristbands to deter mosquitoes and other bugs, Moringana superfood capsules, Rudy Project T-shirt, Total Fitness Magazine, GCs from STRIP, Browhaus, Beyond Yoga, Pulse & Yoga+ studios.

Can’t wait to try the FLOW weekend retreat? Next one coming up is called Summer of FLOW in April 2012. Book via and follow them on or

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