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A Look Back at FLOW Goes Raw

September 29, 2011


Last August 27-29, the FLOW SurfYogaSamba team brought Raw Vegan Foods in

the limelight on their special edition retreat, FLOW GOES RAW. The concept is

a 3-day,2-night weekend with 2 surf lessons, 2 yoga sessions and 2 samba jams

complemented with 100% Raw Vegan Meals to help detox the body.

Despite typhoon Mina with her strong winds and floods, the team and participants

went on with the show armed with stronger spirits and positive attitudes. As we all

sat in the coaster for 12 full hours in traffic en route to La Union, Monica the yogi

on-board, conducted a seated yoga series (also known as office yoga!) for our tired

bodies then afterwards, Toni, the drum director of Escola de Samba de Manila did a

spontaneous Samba jam to soothe our tired minds.

As soon as we arrived La Union, the guests were greeted by an appetizing Asian-

inspired Live Food buffet by Bali-certified Raw Vegan Chef, Asha Peri. A true feast

for the eyes, also filling to the tummies and nourishing to the soul!

The next morning, a Yin Yoga class prepared the people for a full day of activities –

Surfing during the day and Samba dancing and batucada drumming at night. After a

hearty live food breakfast, Rudy Project bags filled with travel essentials were given

out to every participant. Para’Kito bands were worn to deter mosquitoes, headgear

from Headwares as sun protection, Microfibre towels from Made for Movement,

Malunggay supplements from Moringana, and Total Fitness and Onesport reading

materials for the health buffs.

                                   FLOW gifts to start the day right

For most parts of the long weekend, we had overcast and rains but the gloomy

weather didn’t stop the people from getting out on the beach for their surfing

lessons by the San Juan Surf School, owned and operated by the pro-surfer &

Billabong rider Luke Landrigan.

On the last day,a Vinyasa and basic AcroYoga class was conducted by Monica

Eleazar-Manzano of FLOW, Aisa Locsin of Yoga+ and Rianna Gatus of Beyond Yoga.

Before hitting the road home, another round of surfing lessons and delicious sun

energy food from our conscious caterer. A final group shot with our official FLOW

shirts was taken before leaving San Juan Surf Resort.

Flow Goes Raw would like to thank our sponsors, Para’Kito, Rudy Project, Stars

Travel Inc., The Headware, Moringana, Made for Movement, Yoga+, Beyond Yoga,

Strip, Browhaus, Total Fitness, Onesport, When In Manila and Glam-O-Mamas.

Save the date for our next FLOW SurfYogaSamba weekend on November 18-20!

Please log on to the following sites for more information.




Flow Goes Raw is sponsored by Para’Kito, Rudy Project, Stars Travel Inc., The
Headware, Yoga+, Beyond Yoga, Made for Movement, Strip, Browhaus, Moringana,
Glam-o-Mamas, When In Manila, Total Fitness and Onesport
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