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What Should They Do??

January 6, 2011


What is it with the Filipino culture that leaves it incredibly wanting in terms of accountability? This administration in particular has provided us with a wealth of examples. August of last year bore witness to one of the most tragic (both in terms of the bloodshed and in the display of utter incompetence) event seen on live TV. The backlash was immense. Justifiable unfavorable travel advisories abound. Diplomatic relationships were tested. Incident reviews dominated the news. But did anyone stand up and say “my bad”? Even as the IIRC (Incident Investigation and Review Committee) came out with its recommendations of whose heads should roll, nobody showed the necessary decency to just step down in the face such an international embarrassment.

The whole blame-passing that followed the hostage crisis made the resignation of then-Department of Tourism undersecretary Enteng Romano all the more commendable when the smoke cleared on the overwhelmingly unfavorable response to “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”. But a host of government officials, though, still have yet to follow suit in learning that virtue. The errors may not be on the same scale as that of the unfortunate August incident (God forbid there be one that is), but these people have to understand that the Filipino people deserve people in office that will hold themselves accountable for their actions, or often, lack thereof.

Even in the face of historic success, something similar had to surface, as was the case when the rise of the Azkals (Philippine Men’s Football Team) made known the dysfunction that has been living in the comforts of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF). Amid allegations of illegal cash disbursements, and the PFF unseating him of the PFF presidency, Jose Mari Martinez insists that his ouster is beyond the rules of the PFF’s governing body FIFA, even attempting to file a TRO to combat it.

Now, there’s clamor for Ilocos Sur Representative Ronald Singson to step down from his congressional seat if he is to plead guilty to drug possession charges in Hong Kong, as has been reported will be the case. But with the ongoing trend of clinging on to power, and by the confrontational tone of his father’s arguments (calling for the Senate to first expel Senator Panfilo Lacson, who is wanted for the Dacer-Corbito double murder) against the call for Singson to step down, it doesn’t appear as though a resignation letter will be penned anytime soon.

So if they’re not going to be responsible for handling everything that comes with the position they’re in, what should they do?

Maybe they should all just use the LeBron James technique.

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