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How To Blast Your Senses Into The Weekend

December 7, 2010

Call it a comeback. Call it a reunion. Call it a surefire cuh-raazy night. Call it whatever you will. Just make sure you’re there when it happens, and make sure you come early.

Queso, one of the major forces behind the Filipino rock renaissance of the late 90s, performs at Cafe Saguijo on Friday, December 10 for what they promise to be this year’s loudest and craziest year-ender. Aside from their warning to come early as limited entry will be enforced, be prepared to have your minds blown.

I’ve never really been a fan of describing music. Yes, some acts vividly reflect their inspiration, and saying they sound like this band or that group can give you an idea. But is any technical definition really better than an embedded video? Here’s something melodic to set you off slow…

“Mottaka” by Queso

This next one’s more the rule than the exception, which was what “Mottaka” is…


And the hits just keep on coming…

The cult favorite “Insekta”

And if you really need a bio of sorts:

“By mixing unconventional elements with more contemporary instruments while playing around with textures, time and musical styles, this seven-piece group and their innovative approach to music have created an unpredictable, unmistakable and definitely distinctive sound all their own.

A conscious choice not to be defined, classified, boxed in, stapled and labeled a “such” band from a “whatever” genre also contributes a great deal to their overall sound as the band believes in no limits or boundaries when it comes to music, especially during song writing sessions. Their collective commanding presence, genuine love and faith in what they do are consistently exhibited whenever they take on the stage, conquering it, ripping the stage apart (literally at times), spewing out their unique blend of infectious energy that every one present feeds on, feeding it back to the stage and so on, resulting in one big giant orgy of no-words-could-describe-it-you-just-had-to-be-there kind of scenario.”

And that is all ye need to know. Trust me, if this seems like your kind of thing, you WILL thank God it’s Friday.

(PHP 200 gets you in with an iced-cold beer)

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