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An RH Bill Alternative?

October 21, 2010
In the latest issue of Expat Newspaper, Timothy Jay Ibay outlined the latest with regards to the much-debated Reproductive Health (RH) bill in the Philippines. We received the following letter that asks for consideration of another alternative:
Hi guys,

I’m not sure if you all agree with my views on the RH Bill, but I wanted to take this chance and send you this alternative.
Will it solve poverty, which the RH bill will supposedly solve? Well, that’s not within the scope of this bill.  The sole purpose of this bill is to protect “the basic institution of society,” as we all learned in Social Sciences at some point in our lives. It aims to protect the family.
Personally, I think this bill is needed because when the family and respect for life disintegrates, the person disintegrates as well.  I could write pages and pages about that, but you might never get to the end of this.  So if don’t agree but would like to discuss the concept with me, just reply and let’s dialogue. 🙂
As for poverty, I don’t think any bill that attacks the number of people in a country will solve it.  If we’re talking about improving and saving lives, then investing millions on educating people to get more jobs, or creating jobs for more people (which isn’t quick and easy, yes, but it’s much more constructive) will save improve and save more lives than investing millions in contraceptives.  First of all, because contraceptives prevent life.  You have to admit there’s some flaw in the logic of “saving lives” by preventing life.
More importantly, I don’t think lessening the number of children of poor families will stop them from being poor.  I spent many summers in provinces teaching, and one observation I had is that the rural families really depend on their children to rake in whatever income they could get, such as working on the farm.  Furthermore many families wished they could send their children to school for a better job, and a better future, because they saw the wisdom of investing in that.  Moreover, I work now in a school where all (all meaning 100%) the students come from hard-up families.  The school has trained hundreds of women for the hotel and restaurant industry so well, that many of them are now prestigious and through their jobs, have managed to pull their families out of poverty (families meaning mother, father, and numerous brothers and sisters).  The solution there was not lessening the number of children, but giving them a chance.
That said, below is the introduction to the bill.
Cong. Roilo Golez filed House Bill #13 (HB # 13) entitled “An Act Providing for the Safety and Protection of the Unborn & for Other Purposes.”  This bill aims to provide rights to the unborn upon conception and by chronology deliberation will be ahead of HB 96 (RH bill) hence the fear of the RH bill proponents that HB # 96 (RH bill) will nullified by HB 13.
Let us sign the petition below by clicking the ff link:
Read more in Expat Newspaper and tell us what you think.
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