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A Look Back at the 6th FLOW: SurfYogaSamba Retreat

December 7, 2011

The 2nd Anniversary 'FLOWers'


Celebrating their 2nd year in existence, the FLOW Surf Yoga Samba team brought the 6th weekend retreat last Nov. 18-20, 2012 to San Juan Surf Resort, La Union. Together with over 20 participants from around the globe (Philippines, Columbia, Taiwan, USA, Spain, France and Czech Republic), it was definitely another epic weekend uniting different races and ages from all walks of life in one of the most famous surf spots in our country.

It is known among the surf community that November is the perfect ‘surf season’ and the weather cooperated like the gods listened to our prayers. (*Note that one of the organizers did offer eggs at Sta. Clara church in Marikina a week prior to the event) The sunny coast of La Union offered a great escape for all the urban dwellers who need fresh air to breathe, sand to dip their toes, salt water to purify their bodies and the tropical sun to shine down on them.

Everyone was excited to get on the board, learning how to paddle and of course, surfing the waves. The constant baby waves were ideal for a beginners and many first-timers were able to get up on their boards feeling that ultimate stoke surfers brag about, ‘oneness with the ocean’.

The FLOW-ers had the choice of going Veg for the 3-day weekend retreat. Lola Nany’s, (the caterer who also happens to be the mother of pro-surfer, Luke Landrigan) offered vegetarian meals included in the package. For those who couldn’t go Veg, there was an option to eat seafood and chicken meals with some green salads on the side.

In every event, the organizers of FLOW try to incorporate something new and extraordinary that gives them the edge on the packaged retreats that is becoming a popular alternative to your usual weekends. Aside from the usual Surf-Yoga-Samba classes included in the package, they offered a refreshing Green Smoothie & Raw Vegan snack workshop conducted by Raw Vegan Food advocate and Waldorf Mom, Imee Contreras. Another unique activity was the 1st Yoga Rave class in the Philippines. Two Vinyasa yoga sessions infused with live chill-out and dance music by DJ Martin Lugtu gave everyone a different experience.

Headwares were given to each participant to use in all the activities offered. Surfers are out under the sun all day, so the Headware was used to protect their heads from the harshness of the sun. The yogis wore it during practice to keep their hair away from their faces for less distraction. The Samba crew found it cool too to be able to use the Headware in several ways for different occasions.

The whole group went home with goodies from all the other sponsors. The totebag from Saynotoplastic includes Belo Essentials sun protection for face and body, Para’Kito wristbands to deter mosquitoes and other bugs, Moringana superfood capsules, Rudy Project T-shirt, Total Fitness Magazine, GCs from STRIP, Browhaus, Beyond Yoga, Pulse & Yoga+ studios.

Can’t wait to try the FLOW weekend retreat? Next one coming up is called Summer of FLOW in April 2012. Book via and follow them on or


A Look Back at FLOW Goes Raw

September 29, 2011


Last August 27-29, the FLOW SurfYogaSamba team brought Raw Vegan Foods in

the limelight on their special edition retreat, FLOW GOES RAW. The concept is

a 3-day,2-night weekend with 2 surf lessons, 2 yoga sessions and 2 samba jams

complemented with 100% Raw Vegan Meals to help detox the body.

Despite typhoon Mina with her strong winds and floods, the team and participants

went on with the show armed with stronger spirits and positive attitudes. As we all

sat in the coaster for 12 full hours in traffic en route to La Union, Monica the yogi

on-board, conducted a seated yoga series (also known as office yoga!) for our tired

bodies then afterwards, Toni, the drum director of Escola de Samba de Manila did a

spontaneous Samba jam to soothe our tired minds.

As soon as we arrived La Union, the guests were greeted by an appetizing Asian-

inspired Live Food buffet by Bali-certified Raw Vegan Chef, Asha Peri. A true feast

for the eyes, also filling to the tummies and nourishing to the soul!

The next morning, a Yin Yoga class prepared the people for a full day of activities –

Surfing during the day and Samba dancing and batucada drumming at night. After a

hearty live food breakfast, Rudy Project bags filled with travel essentials were given

out to every participant. Para’Kito bands were worn to deter mosquitoes, headgear

from Headwares as sun protection, Microfibre towels from Made for Movement,

Malunggay supplements from Moringana, and Total Fitness and Onesport reading

materials for the health buffs.

                                   FLOW gifts to start the day right

For most parts of the long weekend, we had overcast and rains but the gloomy

weather didn’t stop the people from getting out on the beach for their surfing

lessons by the San Juan Surf School, owned and operated by the pro-surfer &

Billabong rider Luke Landrigan.

On the last day,a Vinyasa and basic AcroYoga class was conducted by Monica

Eleazar-Manzano of FLOW, Aisa Locsin of Yoga+ and Rianna Gatus of Beyond Yoga.

Before hitting the road home, another round of surfing lessons and delicious sun

energy food from our conscious caterer. A final group shot with our official FLOW

shirts was taken before leaving San Juan Surf Resort.

Flow Goes Raw would like to thank our sponsors, Para’Kito, Rudy Project, Stars

Travel Inc., The Headware, Moringana, Made for Movement, Yoga+, Beyond Yoga,

Strip, Browhaus, Total Fitness, Onesport, When In Manila and Glam-O-Mamas.

Save the date for our next FLOW SurfYogaSamba weekend on November 18-20!

Please log on to the following sites for more information.




Flow Goes Raw is sponsored by Para’Kito, Rudy Project, Stars Travel Inc., The
Headware, Yoga+, Beyond Yoga, Made for Movement, Strip, Browhaus, Moringana,
Glam-o-Mamas, When In Manila, Total Fitness and Onesport

Refresh with the FLOW Weekend This August

August 9, 2011

FLOW Surf.Yoga.Samba is going the extra mile for health-conscious people! Join FLOW GOES RAW on August 27-29, 2011 at San Juan Surf Resort, La Union. A weekend of SURF, YOGA, SAMBA complemented with delicious and healthy raw vegan gourmet meals by Bali-certified Raw Food Chef Asha Peri of Dahon Kusina to help nourish your unique journey to self-discovery. For more information, please check out / 0915-2943441

Answer this simple question with a statement and photo via email or posting on our facebook page and get a change to win a discounted pass to join FLOW GOES RAW:

“How do you flow?”

The Low Down On The PFF Suzuki U-23 Championships

May 19, 2011

After a month of intense football action, the PFF Suzuki Under-23 National Cup is down to two teams – Bacolod and Iloilo.

To the country at large, it might seem a battle between two nearby cities. In truth, think Ateneo-La Salle (college basketball rivalry) or Crispa-Toyota (pro basketball rivalry of 70s). That’s how intense it can really get even if some of the protagonists on the sidelines tried to downplay it by using “safe” words.

“Mainit (heated),” described Iloilo head coach Marjo Allado with a sly smile. Eventually he conceded: “It can get rough at meron din trash talking. Bragging rights talaga yan pagdating sa football (There are loads of bragging rights involved when it comes to football).”

“Matagal nang rivalry yan (The rivalry has been going on for a long time),” added Iloilo assistant coach Jessie Sazon. “Dati rati pa yan and from every age level yan (It’s in every age level).”

“Intense,” chimed in Aly Go, assistant coach for Bacolod. “Walang magpapatalo diyan (No one’s going to settle for defeat).”

Bacolod (6-1-0) is coached by Norman Fegidero Jr. A fearsome striker for the national team and air force in his day. That attacking philosophy and strict adherence to discipline has been imbued to his team as they have lead the tournament in goals. In seven matches, Team Bacolod has scored 31 goals and given up only five.

Their best defense is a strong offense despite goalkeeper John Robert Mendoza who has made a strong case for best keeper of the tournament. Their troika of strikers is non-pareil in Joshua Beloya who is leading the tournament with 13 goals, Jovin Bedic and Aldrin Dolino who each have five goals to their name.

Although they boast of a deep bench, Bacolod has shown an alarming trend of fading in the second half. Their saving grace has been pulverizing foes in the first 45 minutes. They have scored 19 goals in the first half and 12 in the second. But in their last three matches (if you take away the rout against overmatched Dipolog) they have scored no goals and given up three against NCR, Masbate, and Davao. Their defense, the crossbar and posts, Mendoza’s goaltending, and luck have only prevented opposing teams from racking up more goals. If you consider the final 35 minutes of their match against Dipolog, they gave up a goal and the lads of coach Reginald Jukes found their attack despite missing four key players who were unavailable for the game.

“Maybe it’s overconfidence. Maybe it’s other teams adjusting to us,” postulated Fegidero. “We have to find a way to correct this.”

Bacolod will catch a break against Iloilo (5-1-1) which will be without two key players in midfielder Francis Gustilo and defender Neckson Leonora. Both will miss their home match on account of two yellow cards. Like Bacolod, Iloilo is an offensive juggernaut. They have scored 26 goals and surrendered only four. They also have two top-rated defenders in Ronald Batisla-Ong and Leonora. And that is where Allado has to be concerned. Leonora is out and Jenver Vergara was injured during the semifinals clash with NCR.

Iloilo has also been inconsistent. After blowing out NCR Team A in the Laguna group stages they struggled against Masbate before dispatching Davao. Against NCR Team B in their semis clash in Barotac Nuevo, it was the visiting team that played more attacking and creative football. The home side pulled through with a goal from a pair of defensive mistakes. “A win is a win,” said Allado. “But we have to really prepare kasi kulang kami (there was also some concern about midfielder Shirmar Felongco’s injury). Sigurado we will do our best (We’re sure to give our best). Rivalry yan.”

But Allado couldn’t resist one last dig at their rivals. “Kami Iloilo pride. Puro taga-Iloilo. Walang taga-labas (We represent Iloilo pride. Everyone on the team is Iloilo-bred).”

Allado, who coaches UST (while Fegidero coaches West Negros University), was referring to the no Bacolodnon players such as Jake Morallo who is from Dumaguete, Jovin Bedic who is from Barotac Nuevo, and Beloya who was born in Olongapo but recently moved to his mother’s hometown of Bacolod.

“Big game talaga (It’s definitely a big game),” he concluded as he turned and walked away.

The first game of the home-and-away series will be at the Central Philippine University football field in Jaro, Iloilo at 2:30pm on May 19 while the second match will be played at Panaad Stadium on May 22 at 6:00pm. The games will later be televised on ABS CBN.

Expat Newspaper, April 10-23, 2011 Issue

April 11, 2011

After re-vamping our magazine, we now present to you the new Expat Newspaper. By focusing more on features that foreigners here in the Philippines would be interested in, we hope to showcase more about Philippine culture, destinations, business practices, restaurants, among other topics that will give you a well-rounded view of expat life.

This issue, we focus on Puerto Galera, bamboo bikes (as a “green” way to get fit), business card etiquette in Asia, among others. Click the link below to read on!

Expat Newspaper, April 10-23, 2011 Issue

Expat Newspaper March 27 to April 8 Issue

March 29, 2011

After earthquake, Japanese refugees are now turning to the Philippines. Read all about it in this issue of Expat Newspaper.

Expat Newspaper March 27 to April 9, 2011 Issue

Expat Newspaper March 13-26, 2011 Issue

March 29, 2011

Find out why “Thrift Banks Help Fuel Economic Growth.” Read about The Polish priest who conducted a bicycle ride ilgrimage for those HIV-victims in Botswana, Africa. And for foodies, enjoy the original Panizza from C’Italian.

Expat Newspaper March 13-26, 2011 Issue